Welcome to the Dina Kotchetkova fan page! This page is a tribute to one of mine, and many other peoples favorite gymnasts. Many say that she is coming to the end of her competitive career but lets hope she carries on for as long as she feels fit enough. I hope you enjoy the page!

Dina Kotchetkova was born in Moscow, Russia on the 27th of July 1977. She does not have any brothers or sisters. Dina's parents both work, her mother is a nurse and her father is an engineer. She began gymnastics in 1982 at the age of 5, when, like many other East European gymnasts, she was selected out of her kindergarden class as a potential champion by the Soviet sports authorities.

In 1991 she wass a member of the USSR junior team where she finished second in the all-around competition. She says her favorite events are the floor exercise and the uneven bars, a statement backed up by her famous coach, Leonid Arkaev. When she is not training or competing for gymnastics she likes to relax by listening to music and reading science fiction! When she retires from gymnastics she intends to become a coach.

Dina is currently recovering from a knee operation and was seen recently at the Russian National championships although she has not regained competitive fitness yet.